Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Last night Breanna, Wesley, Stephanie, Nita, Amanda and I went to the opening of Eclipse!!! We were missing Kristy, but we have set a date for next week to see it with her. We started the night at 7:00 pm with the showing of Twilight and New Moon. Eclipse started a little after midnight (due to technical difficulties). It was nice to see the movies back to back and refresh it all in my head. Eclipse did not disappoint, I think it was the best one yet. I can't wait to see it again, I bet I can talk Lacy into it this weekend. Maybe I can get my nephews to go with me too. But I do have a date with the BFF's again for next Tuesday and this time we will have Kristy with us.
I am also the proud owner of this new baby. The HTC Evo. It took three weeks on a waiting list, but I finally go the phone call, and went that day to pick it up. Everyone thinks I am a little crazy, but I love technology and this phone does it all in one cute little package!
I am also planning for the weekend, we will celebrating Kenny's 50th! We will be making our July 4th weekend a double celebration with his birthday, spending time with family, grilling, soaking up some sunshine! Love that we get to spend some time with family! (and maybe sneak in another Eclipse viewing, lol)
I have been working on projects for the retreat! Finally finished those, hope the girls like them. Product is ordered and on its way. Kitting will begin very shortly. Looking so forward to reconnecting with my scrappin girls.
Bre and I are getting ready to watch Clean House Messiest Home in the Country 4, so I must turn of the computer and get ready!

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