Friday, July 16, 2010

birthdays and arrivals...

Monday is a huge day in our house! Breanna will be 15! Hard to believe we are here...high school, boyfriends, driving, football games, driving, and all the other stuff that goes along with it. The celebrating officially kicked of yesterday with her big present (thanks to Wesley, who took her to pick it up). This weekend we will have a traditional lunch out with singing and embarrassment involved, Kenny also wants to take her and let her pick out a case for her new phone. Monday will be mother-daughter day with a lunch out, shopping and going to get her learner's permit! Can't believe I will be in the passenger seat soon, lol. Then we will have birthday cake and ice cream at home Monday night. I am sure we will be joined by Wesley and probably Rachel. More singing will be involved! I am also totally in love with this little Stephen Michael. Isn't he just the cutest? Well his dad is pretty cute too. For those of you wondering, he is my first grandchild. I don't talk about the past and have been very private about it. It was a very painful time but it is time to put the pain in the past where it belongs and celebrate. I am thrilled with his arrival. This new little guy has brought new meaning to the word faith. This new little guy leaves me in awe. This new little guy is completely and utterly loved from afar. I am so happy for Josh and Vanessa.
I am so thankful for family and the life I have now.


  1. Congrats, grandma! I guess, it's time to let the hair go gray, huh? :D So proud of you. I know how much this little guy means to you!

    As to Breanna, don't remind me. I'm feeling old right there with you! :D

  2. my mom says 'babies healing hurting hearts' there is nothing like the miracle of a baby to make you forget & make you look towards the future.... congrats :)

    and bre..she needs to STOP growing up! :) (but she is doing it so beautifully!!)

    missed you guys last night.. :(