Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday fun...

We had a great day today...first time we have been able to focus on just being a family and having fun in awhile! We slept in this morning and that in itself was a blessing. With a slow start to the day we didn't let that stop us from having fun...we went to the mall and picked out phone cases...went to chili's, where they proceeded to embarrass Bre with singing, hee hee hee...went to Rue 21, where I was completely shocked. Kenny actually went in to the store and watched as Bre went from rack to rack...very patiently he held her picked out items and let her continue to shop. I have to say he won the trophy for Best dad today. It meant a lot to Bre and a whole lot to me. He does not like to do these kinds of things but he made a huge effort today. Love that we were able to spend the day making our baby happy. After coming home and resting for a bit, Bre decided she wanted me to take her to practice we loaded up and went. I have to say I think she did very well. As soon as she calms down a bit (nerves) she will make a good driver. I do however think we will make a few more practice runs before we let loose on the open road.
The weekend party continues on for Bre...Rachel just arrived and is spending the night with her. You know what that means, lots of giggling and being silly into the wee hours! I guess it's a good thing we were able to sleep in this morning, wink.

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  1. Sounds like a great day and love the photo! Hugs sweet friend!