Monday, August 2, 2010


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Here we are, can you believe it. July was such a hectic month for us.

We have lots of birthdays including Kenny and Bre's. Kenny turned the big 50 and we celebrated over at his parents house with everyone. He had a ball being able to fish the weekend away with his dad, then we surprised him with a birthday cake (and pecan pie for him). Bre missed it though because she had gone to St. Pete Beach with the Vaughns. It was weird not having her as that was the first family event she was not at.

Bre turned 15. What happened to that little baby I brought home from the hospital. Now she is driving, has a boyfriend, is a sophomore in high school, just hard to believe. Bre and I spent her birthday day together having a girls day...lunch, shopping and getting her learners permit. She also had Rachel and Wesley over that night for cake and ice cream. All in all she had a good day.

Kenny then ended up back in the hospital. Not glad it happened but glad they have him on medication now so hopefully he won't go back into A-Fib. Pretty scary. But I do believe it was a blessing in disguise.

This past weekend we had our scrapbook retreat weekend. There were some regulars that were missing, such as Nita, Kristy, Melle, Michele, and Gay, but we had a fabulous time. We got to make some new friends and reconnect with some that I hadn't scene in quite awhile. The girls that come to this weekend are so special to me. Scrapbookers seem to really connect with each other. I absolutely love this about this hobby. We all have such a passion for creating a legacy, for sharing who we are, for creating a fingerprint of our lives. These weekends always leave me tired but feeling very blessed.

So here we are, it's now August! School starts in exactly two weeks. We will spend the next couple of weeks school shopping, preparing for the grind of the daily 6:00 wake-up calls, trying to go to bed at a more decent hour, and squeaking out as much summer fun as we can in the next 14 days. Hope you all had a fabulous July and enjoy getting ready for regular routines again. I am leaving you with a picture of Bre's first legal driving experience!

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