Sunday, August 8, 2010


I am the lucky winner of this new stamp set. I have lots of ideas swirling through my head. I left a comment on Tim's blog and as luck would have it, he did a random prize give-away! Thanks to Mario who collected some products at CHA to do some give-aways this little baby is now added to my Tim Holtz stamp collection. (and it is even his 100th stamp set). I came home Friday and found this nice treat in the mail. Love getting happy mail. Have you checked out Tim's blog lately, he has tons of new stuff on there including a new video! So thanks Tim and Mario, you made my day!


  1. Hey Girl!
    YOU have been blogging up a storm and I LOVE it! (new design too - love!) Did you ever think I'd stick to mine like this??
    Congrats on the Tim Holtz goodness!! Man o man am I envious - not jealous but envious, soooo happy for you!
    I need a new title for this year's classroom blog - any ideas? Share some of your creative goodness w/ me!! Hee, hee! I've tried some of my ideas, but I guess they aren't that original, 'cause all the ones I've thought of are taken - urgh!
    HOPE to make it to the store this week. :0) Miss you!

  2. Ok. Not only am I envious, I'm jealous You got the stamp set before it even hit stores!! you lucky girl!

    so when can I come over and use them? ha! ha!

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