Friday, September 17, 2010


This little sentiment has been a lifesaver for me this week...sometimes we just need a little reminder. It has been one of those weeks. I realize it is not just me...there seems to be some underlying currant of negative energy. Well, it is not going to claim me...I am staying on the positive side of things...staying happy. I have put up my bubble shield, wink. Nothing but happiness and positivity is allowed in. This has been one of those weeks that will make me appreciate the smooth running one that is surely on its way. So I will persevere, and move on. So on a positive note...I have noticed a crisp feeling in the mornings when I take Roxie out for her little walk. It is fall saying it is right around the corner, and I cannot wait. I am so ready for some nice cool mornings, and those nice cool evenings when you can feel the magic in the air.
I have the weekend off and I am going to embrace the downtime, embrace quite moments, embrace the next two days and allow them to recharge my battery, lol. What are you doing this weekend? I hope whatever it is, it is filled with fun and positive energy.

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  1. Hey sweet friend! Yes, this week was full of negativity for me and it's terrible because I had just returned from a wonderful weekend of Sparking! I'm ready to put this week behind me and have a great weekend! Not sure what the plans are but I'm going to make sure they are good! hugs from Texas!!