Monday, October 18, 2010

Were to begin...

Wow...what a weekend. We had Teresa Collins at the store Friday and Saturday. It was such a great weekend. It was so much more then what I was expecting. It was one of those "food for the soul" events. I worked but I also giggled, created, shared, connected and enjoyed the time (which went extremely fast). If you came you now what I am talking about, If you didn't I would highly recommend taking classes from Teresa if you ever have the opportunity! I am sure SHE will be visiting SHE Scrapbooks again, just not sure when, but I already can't wait! She is such a down to earth, beautiful soul, caring, sweet, amazing business woman, fantastic Mom! She brought little Ty with her as her helper and he was such an amazing young man. He is her youngest, but you can tell her children have been raised with love and guidance. He is an amazing young man and hope he gets to come back with her when she does come back!
I was fortunate enough to be able to do two of the workshops...the Life Moments album and the Christmas Daily album...and I am working hard to finish them up. I absolutely love them. I am so looking forward to being able to just add the pictures and journaling to the Christmas daily during the month of December. I am so excited to have it done and all ready to go!
I am going to be sharing as I go through the month of December, so keep a look out!
I was listening to Teresa speak about the thoughts behind her Gratitude Album and have decided to do this one on my own. I have created a gratitude book before (actually taught one at one of my retreats) and she just reminded me how important it is to keep focused on the positive and loving things in my life. So thank you Teresa for making me open my eyes and heart to this again. I really want my family to know who I am or was. I want to impress upon Breanna how important it is to live a life thankful for what we have, thankful for the people who guide us and inspire us, thankful for each other, thankful for the non material things in life. I am, for the first time in a really long time, looking forward to the holiday season! Looking at it with excitement instead of dread. Right now I am so thankful I was able to have such a weekend, that Steph and I are doing this together, reconnect with women who have visited before and connect with new women who visited us for the first time. I feel like a very LUCKY woman!

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  1. I had the best time at your store! What a pleasure - and Teresa was such a joy! We all liked the store so much and enjoyed your company as well - we are bringing the "posse" in January! Can't wait to see you then!