Saturday, January 1, 2011


I am so excited about the new year!!! I have a little cold but I am not going to let that bring me down. I see so many possibilities for 2011 and feel it in my heart that this is going to be a good year.
Today the tree came down, the house was rearranged, cleaned and a lot of organizing was done. Tomorrow I am going to tackle my scrapbook room and get that ready for all the work I will be doing in there! I would take a picture of my desk (the HUGE mess) but I cannot because you might see something you're not supposed to see just yet, wink. Soon though! I cannot wait for you to see Teresa's new lines...they are spectacular!
I have been thinking about my new word for 2011 and am ready to share. Faith.
Pure and simple. I sometimes struggle with applying this little word to myself. I am going to embrace all that this word means. I was reminded last year that this little word has huge power and I am going to really focus on having faith and not getting lost in doubt. Let me say that I have never lost faith in God and he has been what has pulled me through the dark times. But I also realize that I am supposed to have faith in myself. Faith...I really like the sound of this word!
I am also going to be taking the soul restoration workshop through Brave Girls! I know that this is something that I just need to do for myself. I think this will definitely go right along with my "one little word" for this year.
So here is to 2011...I am so excited to see what it brings and discover all the possibilities it has to offer!


  1. i've been waiting to see what your 2011 word would be! and i personally don't think you could have picked a better word for yourself!

    you have so much faith in other people, i'd like to see you have that much in yourself! you have soo much to offer, and i'm so priviledged to call you my friend!

    see ya soon :)

  2. Yvonne, I love your word!!!
    Such a beautiful word for such a beautiful person. I am so happy and excited for you....the possibilities....I know you'll have an amazing 2011 and I am so grateful to know you :)

  3. Yes, love your one little word. Faith, that's a good thing to have. I'm so excited for you - soul restoration - how amazing!!! It works well with your word too! Your going to have an AMAZING year!! ✿