Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I back home! We were lucky that we didn't have any connecting flights because we might not have made it out of LA...the blizzard has a lot of people stuck right now and I am so glad I am not one of them.
I am so glad to be back with my family and be able to hug them. I miss them when I am gone even though it's nice to be away from the daily grind occasionally, wink. Bre usually runs out and practically attacks me, but I guess she is getting to old for that now...she met me at door and hugged me, but no squeals, sad face. I know she was glad to see me, she is just older now and we have moved on to the next step.
I have some pictures that I will share from the show..probably tomorrow...but I did want to share these.
This is Teresa's new Timeless line...totally love...but if you look closely to the top right corner you can see one of my layouts!!! It is Miss Bo, Nita's she thinks she is funny. She said something about 1000 people are seeing I have to run!!! She is to darn cute!
I borrowed this one from Maridette's blog, hope she doesn't mind, but mine was very blurry! This is Maridette, Teresa, Me and Sesil. CHA was the first time I met Maridette and Sesil and they are the sweetest. Sesil is so dang organized and really has it going on! She is our design team coordinator and I totally see why she is...she is on the ball, sweet, funny. Maridette is so talented and sweet. I was able to meet Laura later, but didn't get a photo, darn it. I really feel so fortunate to be on such a friendly DT for the first time...all the girls are amazing, I hope to get to meet them all!
I have so much more to catch up on, but I will save that for another post! Off to catch up.


  1. yay for you & for new friends!! :)
    glad you had such a wonderful time.. and i'm sure they thought you were lovely & sweet as well.. as all your friends already think that of you!!! :)

  2. Love the pictures - I am sure you had the BEST time!