Friday, March 18, 2011

must have tools...

Here are a few of my favorite tools. I really never thought that I would NEED a scoring board, but this one changed the way I felt about that. Besides scoring perfectly, it has a little compartment to hold your bone folder as well as a spot on the back that the envelope triangle can be stored in. Never again will I be looking all over for the missing pieces. Nice and tidy, and with the mess I create when creating I need this! It took me quite a few years to find the perfect trimmer, but I believe I finally did. This little baby cuts straight, has a guide line so you know exactly where you are cutting, has a latch so that when you are taking it to crops it won't swing around and break. The measurements are in nice black print, so it's not hard to see, even on the swing arm. This trimmer has made me hear the angels sing! Love it, and it's very reasonable at $30.00 suggested retail!
Now if you haven't tried these scissors, what are you waiting for? I think they have a little bit of super scissor power, wink. They cut like butter, they have very nice comfy handles, and are perfect for cutting through things like grunge board, chipboard, wire, paper, fabric, etc. These are always on my desk within my reach!
For more fine cutting, I like these. They get into the tiniest of places and are great for precision cutting. I also love the fact that they are non-stick. Even if you cut through sticky adhesive they won't gum up. Love that feature.


  1. Have 3 of 4, need that trimmer! But the rest I use everyday! TFS

  2. Those are all my must have tools except for the last pair of scissors. I have the Stampin Up one and love it!!

    My scoring tool is new and I'm in love.