Monday, March 28, 2011

Soul Restoration...

I am still working on Soul Restoration from Brave Girls Club. It was so very eye opening to me. I loved it so much I will be taking Soul Restoration II. It is something that I think we all need. It is something that we deserve. I struggle with some things, things from my childhood and younger years. I think we all have things that we struggle with, just different things. I try very hard not to focus on those things. I try very hard to be a positive happy person. Most days I succeed, but some days I don't. For me Soul Restoration was just what I needed to hear. I think Melody has a true gift. She has such a way of connecting with people. Soul Restoration was a gift. For me Soul Restoration was a reminder that I need to take care of my soul, that I need to accept that I am going to make mistakes and fall, but that is okay, it is part of being me. It is part of learning. I am learning to embrace my weak self and strive not to be to hard on her. I am learning to put the shame behind me, to be me. I cannot put into words all that this restoration is giving me. The caring and genuine feeling of love for all of us who participated was so evident. It has made me feel like I am part of a community. Soul Restoration is definitely something you should do for yourself. It will change your life. It will change the way you look at things. It will feed your soul. If you are on the fence, jump off. If you are scared, don't be. If you think it won't be worth it, you are wrong. It will change you. You are worth this. I am a Brave Girl for life. I cannot believe the peace that Soul Restoration has brought into my life. I have a new way of looking at things. There were somethings that I needed to hear, even though deep down I knew it now I heard someone else say it. I believe 1000% in Brave Girls and what they stand for. What are you waiting for...go now...go here and check it out for yourself!


  1. I wasn't sure if this was worth it and if I would benefit out of it. I just hear good things so maybe I will give it a try if my budget allows me to. Thanks for the review.

  2. I am happy for you that you did it! I have been wanting to do it and now I think I just might!

  3. I desperately want to take this class, too! I hope I can take it next time around. I'm so glad you got a lot out of it :)