Thursday, April 14, 2011


Also known as the happy room in my house! I thought I would share how it is coming back together. I have been purging and making room at the same time. It was long overdue. It was not really making me happy when I went in there and definitely not inspiring me, but it is really starting to come together. It is still a little cluttered, but I am pretty happy with the way things are coming along! So here it goes... This is my work surface...A little messy but that is kind of the way I work...actually this is very clean compared to the way it usually looks,

This used to be my computer area, but now it is home for the Imagine!!! I want to add a bottom to the table and put casters on it so I can pull it out and make it easier when I am cutting. So a little more work it required here.

This is my new shelf to make organizing a little more easy. I went for practicality verses prettiness. I will be looking for something pretty though to replace this eventually. I just want to really make sure it will be as functional. I do love a good hunt and this will be a fun one! Oh and I almost forgot my collection of Y's, I'm always on the lookout for cute and different ones.

I love this shelving unit. Kenny picked it up from a yard sale, he did really good with this find! I keep all sorts of things here, for me this is total eye candy. I also love the cabinets where I can keep things organized in bins, but keep the bins out of sight. I also have my vintage camera collection displayed here. The TV will eventually go away too, for Christmas I was lucky enough to get a flat panel, but I really can't figure out where I want it yet.

These are my paper towers where I store all my design papers. I keep my Teresa Collins papers on the left so when I am working on deadlines and such it is really close and convenient. I love these towers, the left one has a hidden peg wall on the far left side, this is where I keep all my cables and such. Very practical and out of sight. Love that. Hope you enjoyed the little tour. I will post more as I get things accomplished!


  1. So fun! Love all your Y's. :) That's a tough I. We're always looking for I's around here. lol

  2. Oh I am jealous of all your PRETTY organizing--- I can not show anyone my room!! It's a mess!! YOURs looks great!

  3. oooohhhh....THANK YOU so much for sharing such an awesome tour of your scrap room. I LOVE it...just gorgeous, inspiring...:) makes me HAPPY. I adore your "Y" collection, how fun. I am still so happy and proud of you that you were chosen to be on TC design team. How awesome. :)

  4. LOVE all those Y's! I need to do that, too! Very cute room!