Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekend Adventures...

We kicked off the weekend at She Scrapbooks with tons of inspiration from Donna Downey. I love her excitement. She taught three classes, one Friday and two on Saturday.

I took her morning class on Saturday and loved it. We made a 4 x 6 canvas mini album. I absolutely love it. I already have some very special photos to put in it too, more on that in a bit.
Donna also brought with her Pan Pastels. I had watched Christy Tomlinson play with them in her Three Hearts class and had already decided I wanted to give them a try. So perfect timing. I bought two sets and started playing while Donna was teaching her third class in between customers. Love. Pan Pastels are basically pure pigment in a powder form, so you get very vibrant colors. You apply them with a sofft tool that came in the sets, you can dip into colors without cross contaminating! Amazing new medium. I am hooked. I have already started a Pastel Art journal and love the fact that I only need my pastels, my book and a pen. Great for taking all sorts of places that I might have to do some waiting, plane trips, car trips. I am starting to do some research to learn as much as possible about these little babies! Donna is also offering some online workshops. Check it out if your curious.

I have been lucky enough to take quite a few online workshops as of late and have love all of them. I have taken workshops from Christy Tomlinson and Amy Coon, and they have been totally fabulous. I was feeling a bit of a slump, but I have been newly inspired and I'm ready to start creating!

Today is Father's Day. Bre and I were going to take Kenny out to celebrate, but he wanted a quiet day at home with a home cooked that is what we are doing. He requested Pork Chops, rice, gravy and green beans with banana pudding for that is what I made him. It sure felt good to just spend the day together, at home, enjoying the chance to have a quite day! I thought a lot about my grandfather today. I miss him. He was my role model, my hero, my best friend growing up. I find it hard to believe he has been gone 24 years. I can still hear his voice and see that magical twinkle he had if I close my eyes and think hard.

I hope everyone had the chance to spend the day with their loved ones today. Have a great week!


  1. Super Cute! Thanks for sharing about the Pan Pastels, I really want to give them a try! I'm taking Amy's class too, love it! ✿

  2. Super fun! I love Donna and Christy's blog and hope to one day take the Pan Pastel class from Donna! TFS