Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Birthday in the house...

It is hard for me to believe that my baby is now 16 and a licensed driver. Kenny and I cleared our schedules and took her to get her license this morning, took her out for birthday lunch and a little shopping. I think while we were waiting for her to get back from the driving test I was more nervous than Kenny. I was praying and keeping my fingers crossed. She is a very cautious driver so deep down I knew she would be fine...it was just very nerve wracking, lol.
I love the fact that she was completely happy spending the day with us and just enjoying some family time. That is what she asked for. We will be having a party for her friends this weekend...so the party continues!
I wanted to share how proud I am of her. She is an amazing young woman with so much more of a head on her shoulder than I had. I love being her mom and thank God everyday for sending me her. I feel so lucky to be her mom. I am so thankful she still wants to spend time with me.
SO....Happy birthday Breanna...you make your momma proud! Love you!

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