Monday, September 26, 2011

Getting ready!

This weekend is our last retreat for the year! I am so happy with the project...I love the paper line, wink. It is using Teresa Collins Giving Thanks line. I hate it when GOOD lines are considered old just because there has been new introductions. This one has been one of my very favorites! Coming in to the time of year where things get hectic and our lives seem rushed, I thought is would be a great idea to have a place where we can put things that remind us to be grateful. To remember the important things and not take them for granted. I myself have had a very hard time stopping long enough to enjoy the holiday times of year and this book is going to be a place that I keep things in perspective so to speak. I am really excited about teaching it!

I am really looking forward to spending a weekend with women who have a passion for this industry. There is such excitement in the air, camaraderie, laughs, good food, more laughs and just fun way to spend the weekend.

I am still finishing up the move. With my hubby being incapacitated so to speak, it has been a real job. But I can finally see a light at the end of that tunnel. Now the move of the store starts in t-minus one week. Looking forward to being in our new place, but ugh, another move. The new building is coming along. It is going to be gorgeous! Can't wait for everyone to see, wink.

Okay, must get some things done. TTFN.

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  1. I wish I could come down there and help you! I've been missing my Airport Sister. Hope you're doing well. Love you!