Tuesday, September 13, 2011

That long?

Wow...has it truly been almost a month since my last update? I am becoming very neglectful of my little blog. In my own defense, I have been swamped with life.

My hubby has been in and out of the hospital. He had a pacemaker put in about three weeks ago and has been back in the hospital trying to get the meds tweaked. I think he is finally starting to do better, but I have a feeling he will still have to have the Ablation done before we are past the big hurdle. The doctor has told me that there are many Americans with A-Fib and most live with it just fine, but there is a small percentage that have tremendous difficulties. Guess my hubby was one of those lucky percentage. I am just very thankful they have the technology to help him. I feel very blessed for that.

Also, the same time he was having the pacemaker put in we were scheduled to move. I have been driving a good 45-55 minutes every day each way to work for the last two years. We had been looking and then kind of givin up. Then "THE" house fell into our laps. That is always the way it has worked for us. We still have the old house up for sale, so keep your fingers crossed. We have had a couple of nibbles. I am absolutely loving the new house! It is my favorite Kenny and I have been in. It reminds me of where I grew up. We have a great view and it "feels" like home! But with him being out of commission so to speak the move has been going slowly. I still have some boxes to get from the old house...I am so looking forward to being done. I think if we ever move again, I will go on vacation and let someone else do the moving, lol.
And....it is back to school time. Bre is in her junior year of high school, on the color guard team, still dating Wesley, getting ready for homecoming, and taking an extra class online. Here they are at their first performance. Sadly their cute little outfits didn't make it in time. But they carried on and did a fabulous job! She is a busy girl and making her momma really proud!

I have almost gotten my new scrap area under control. I am going to take some pictures of the new house this weekend and try and get them posted. I am working on some TC projects and trying to get them sent off this weekend as well.

Hopefully I will be able to be a little bit better about updating now that I have broken the ice with myself, lol. Hope I didn't put anyone to sleep with my rambling! TTFN


  1. can't wait to see the new house.. maybe soon in person? i feel awful that i wasn't able to offer to help.. and i'm trying to figure out a way to try and help move the store.... too many kid obligations.. darn needy things ;) miss you guys.. we need some time together AWAY from the store! when will that be?

  2. wow! After reading all you have been thru this last month= I can't believe you have gotten anyhting done!!! Good Job, Yvonne- hang in there and stlll praying for your husband!!