Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Random tidbets...

Okay I have to admit it...I am addicted. I cannot stay away from Pinterest. It is full of so much inspiration. I just hit 1000 pins. Do you Pin? If not what are you waiting for? Just be warned, you might find yourself pinning instead of cooking dinner or doing the laundry, wink.

Today there is now only 18 days left till Christmas. I guess I better get on the ball and finish my shopping. I am however further along then ever before. Now if I can just keep myself on track.

I am currently trying to come up with my word for 2012. I think it's narrowed down to about 5...but all of them are speaking to me.

My inks are calling me. I have some ideas buzzing around in my head, but I need some of that fleeting stuff known as time, lol.

It is raining and blowing here. Weird weather. It was not suppose to rain today. Hmmm.

I have started a smash book...kind of excited about it. Loving the different way of scrappin'.
Pretty random today...but hey it's an update! 'Till next time.

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