Thursday, February 9, 2012

WW Update...

I'm so excited...that is the song playing in my head right now! If you read my last WW update, you read that I had gained a little. I really had a feeling it was water weight, because I swell really bad when I fly. I didn't let it discourage me at all...just kept doing the same thing and tracking my points.
I had a feeling this morning's weigh in was going to be good, but holy smokes! I couldn't believe it at first and had the poor lady weigh me again, lol. I am down this week 6.6 pounds! I do believe it had something to do with the swelling and water weight from last week, but hey I'm totally thrilled! So these are my totals...
this week-6.6
WW total-11.6
Grand total-17.6 pounds

I had started on my own January 1 and had lost 6 pounds when I started WW on January 12.
I have fully "embraced" this new way of life. I have "embraced" the new me!

If you haven't checked out the Teresa Collins Design Team blog lately, I have a project up today! The girls have been filling it with lots of inspiration. Love Love Loving Teresa's new lines! You can see all of them here.


  1. whoothooott.. GO YOU!!!! Am sooooo chuffed for you... all that hard work is really paying off!!! Lotsa love xx

    *I just gotta tell you, the word verification is... focka (am LMAO here)*

  2. Very proud of you! My daughter is on day 7 of quitting smoking and every time I'm tempted to eat something, well, something amazing (ugh), I remember how much harder what she's doing is, and I say no. Let's do this thing together. Solidarity, baby!!

  3. Great job!! Little by little. And, yes, it is a lifestyle change because you'll always have to keep tabs on what you're eating but it will be worth it overall! Not too many people stay thin by eating whatever and whenever, especially at our age:)

  4. YOU go girl!!!! Keep up the great work-- what awesome achievements!