Saturday, March 17, 2012

North Carolina Adventure...

I don't really even know where to begin, so I guess I will show you some pics from the classroom all set up and ready to go for my classes I taught this weekend at Donna Downey Studios. First of all...the classroom is to die for! Donna has SO many wonderful products that are "share" stuff. Her classroom is stocked with a plethora of all kind of mediums, tools...just anything you could possibly need. I heard angels singing, I swear! You could literally play in there for weeks and not run out of stuff to play with! I got the classroom all set up and ready to go and then went and shopped. I'm sure I squealed a couple of times. All kinds of fun stuff, and the decor...gorgeous. I had a shopping bag filled when it was time to leave, heeheehee. Here are a few pics of the store...aren't the displays so cute. I took a few other pics, but sadly they are a bit blurry. But I had to share a couple. She has inspiration EVERY place you look. Her art, the displays, the colors. Definite overload.

I had such a fabulous time. Donna's staff are the sweetest. The girls that came to play where ready to have fun. I had girls from all over North Carolina and even someone from Ohio! They were totally ready to embrace the inkiness!!! I also have to send a HUGE thank you to Bill and Donna! They made me feel totally at home. They made my first adventure on the road a memory of a lifetime!!! I can't wait to go back and do it all over again!!!
We are leaving early to head home. Looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again. Looking forward to seeing all my peeps. Looking forward to Weight Watcher Thursday! Life is good!!!


  1. I'm the lady from Ohio and I had a fabulous time! Many thanks to Yvonne for her inspiration and knowledge. Love it! She is so happy. . .

  2. Glad you had fun and will be home soon for our class! Talk about a blast from the past, the bottom of each blog provides links to several other older blogs and this time referred back to 2008 and out retreat with pictures. Zoe was so little and I was so littler HA. Reminds me that scrapping sure is a wonderful way to live. Mary Werner

  3. I was reading Donna Downeys blog and clicked on your link.
    I just realized you were the gal from She Scraps in The Villages! lol
    I'm from Clermont and have only been up to the store once. I love Donna Downy's work and have been tempted to go to one of her workshops. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I will have to come back to She Scraps when you teach sometime.