Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fun stuff...

Here are a couple of things that I am loving. One of them being a very happy find today.

This is my of the things I love is that it is 20 oz. I love that I can fill this four times a day with water and I know I've had enough. For dinner I splurge with Crystal Lite mixed from a water bottle. Yummy and it stays so cold.
Look what I came home today! Happy happy mail. My Distress Markers finally arrived! I can't wait to sit and play with all the colors!!! I have some ideas...hopefully I will have time to play this weekend.
And LOOK at these...I saw the 12 x 12 one on Julie's blog last week. Went to Michael's this morning and found these lovelies to go home with me. They had an 8 x 8 and the 12 x 12....oh, was it my lucky day. Can't wait to work with these either.
Just had to share some random happiness...hope you liked. TTFN

1 comment:

  1. Fun fun stuff! Love the album and *swoon* TH markers! have fun playing