Thursday, April 5, 2012

WW Update...

Oh am I excited today! I went to my Weight Watchers meeting this morning.
Weighed in...down 2.2 more pounds! I can't tell you what a feeling it is to feel this success at long last. Small steady strides, I am in in for the long haul. We talked about anchors this morning. One of my anchors are my friends who are doing this with me. Only one of them was able to make this mornings meeting with me...Sherry! I have to say, she is such a blessing in my life. She has come to mean so much to me. I received an award this morning and she was right beside me, cheering me on and gave me a huge hug. Thanks Sherry for being with me. You're the best! I am going to be right beside you on this journey too. I know you can do it and am so proud of the progress we have made together!!! I miss my other two friends...hopefully they can get back on our schedule.
Anyway here are the stats...
WW total=25.8
January 1 total=31.8
I have made it over the 30 pound comes 40 and 50!!!
Thanks for letting me share this journey here!
Oh...and I am featured on the DT blog today! Check it out...we have had tons of inspiration on the blog...some guest designers and some big news for Teresa Collins Designs...exciting things happening!!!
Have a great week!!! Looking forward to seeing the family on Easter!

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