Thursday, May 24, 2012

WW update...

Let me start off by saying this week has been EXTREMELY stressful.  I was a tiny bit worried that I might have not done good this week and was anxious about going to weigh in, but I was determined to face the music so to speak.  I know this is exactly what I needed.  It was my turning point.  I received good news last night from someone very very close to my heart that things had turned around for her.  Then I went to WW this morning and when they said 1.2, I immediately thought...Oh boy...I have really got to do better...but then she said "you are down 1.2"!!!!!!  I realized I had been literally holding my breath.  At that moment I let all the stress go and put it where it should have been all along.  In God's hands.  I released it.  I feel like I lost more then 1.2 as funny as that sounds.  I feel back on track and ready to go.
It just reaffirmed for me that we all have struggles.  We have easier times and harder times and we have to have faith, put it where it belongs and keep plugging away.
I am still so excited about the future.  Excited to see where I will be next January!
Here are the totals...
WW Today-1.2
WW Total-35.4
January 1 total-41.4
Ok...I must get to work.  TTFN

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