Thursday, May 31, 2012

WW update...

I am VERY happy to report that even with company, eating out (but making good choices), Wesley's graduation and more over the weekend, I am DOWN 1.8 more pounds.
I am so very excited.  This is really working!
WW total-37.2
January 1 Total-43.2
Woo Hoo...I know I am going to make the 50 lb mark by the end of summer!  SO SO excited about the possibilities.
Weight Watchers has a new challenge called the Lifelifeactive challenge...I am joining in.  Let's see what this will do for the weight loss.  I will keep that updated here on Thursdays as well.  TTFN

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  1. you really do look marvelous! i'm so proud of your accomplishment. you go girl!