Thursday, June 21, 2012

Been a while...

I have been busy!  Busy with summer fun, spending time with family, work and summer cleaning.
I have still been going to Weight Watcher every Thursday rain or shine, wink.
So what better way then to update the blog with WW progress.
Today-down 1 pound!
WW total-down 38 pounds!
January 1 total-down 44 pounds!!!
I have been struggling a bit.  For three weeks it was going slightly up and slightly down.  No real progress.
Those things happen and I'm positive it will happen again. That being said...I am in this for the long haul.  I am absolutely LOVING WW!  It has given me what I need to be successful!
Even if we have hard is no reason to give up.  I am so excited to see what the future has in store.  Ad my dear fried Teresa says (and I hear it in my head all the time) "Failure is not an option"
I truly believe this.  I will keep working.  I will keep the faith!

On another note...I will be teaching and scrapbooking all weekend at She Scrapbooks's retreat!  Fun weekend ahead!  TTFN


  1. SO proud of you and your weight loss! GO YOU! I've totally fallen off the wagon... but will get back on, eventually!

  2. Yvonne you are an inspiration to me. I have currently just started my own scrapbook adventures and have been struggling. I loved your quote from your friend and I will try to remember it often. I to have done WW in the past and have been thinking about joining again. Thank you for your inspiration.
    IF you want this is my new website, check it out if you have time or interest.