Saturday, June 9, 2012

movie fun...

 I have been having such movie fun as of late.  I am a huge Sci-Fy fan.  I think it stems from sitting on my Grandpa's knee and watching Star Trek before I was even in school.  Some of my happy memories of spending time with the most amazing man I ever knew.  I guess most girls feel that way about their Grandpa's!
Battleship was amazing in my opinion!  It had a little humor and suspense and even a little bit of a love story.  It was also great to see the US Military kick butt in the end! Hehehe.

Snow White and the Huntsman!  Well, who wouldn't want Chris Hemsworth to be their night in shining armor?  I loved the spin that they gave to the tale and how close they maintained the story.  It was a winner in my book!

I am going to see this Sunday with one of my girlfriends who can appreciate the Sci-Fy just as much as me!  Really excited to see this movie...although it does look as though it has a creepy side to it as well.  I will let you know if we like it next week.  What movies have you seen this summer so far?  I haven't gone to the movies this much in years...and I am loving it.  Until next time...

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