Sunday, July 15, 2012


current guilty pleasure: Sleeping late on the weekends. I have found the older I get the more I enjoy it!

current nail color: desperate need of a mani/pedi

current playlist:  Hmmm...probably my Fifty playlist I created.  
current read: Awakening

current drinktons of water  
current food:  Salads...lots and lots of salad.
current favorite show: Falling this...I'm definitely a Sci-Fi girl.
current wish list: Hmmm....I would say some organizational units or two night stands for our bedroom.
current needs:  More time.  Do we ever have enough?  Wink.

current triumphs: Weight Watchers has changed my life.  I am so happy with this because I have battled it since my 20's.  I am still working it too. 
current indulgence:  Pinning on Pinterest. 

current blessing:  Being able to teach, I love sharing the love of paper crafting and creating. 
current excitement:  Getting my house cleaned and organized.  

current mood: happy

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