Thursday, July 5, 2012

WW update...

Well, even with the 4th and my hubby's yummy grilling I lost 1.6!  I am so eye is on the prize and I am excited about the possibilities!  This 5 pounds has been a little more of a struggle...but finally came off.  It has just motivated me more to get to my end goal.  I am in this for the long haul...Failure is not an option!  Thanks for giving me that has given me strength when I have had struggles!
Here are the totals.
WW total-41 pounds down!
January 1 total-47 pounds down!!!
I am hearing from so many that they are now doing or rejoining Weight Watchers and I am so proud of each of you!  We can do this!  Keep up the good work, and don't get discouraged, keep your eye on the prize! Until next week! TTFN


  1. Way to go Yvonne. While it took me 3 years to make Life Time, I did it and so can anyone else in the program. This is real living.