Friday, September 21, 2012

I've been scrapping!!!

More from Vintage Finds!  I cannot seem to get enough of this collection.  I love it!  Plain and simple!
I decided I needed to do a layout featuring me because I am never in any pictures.  Always the one behind the camera as I am sure most of you are too.  I think it will be important to our families if we include ourselves every once in a while, wink.  In the closeup you can see that I cut some of the clocks out from the clock paper and layered them.  I added some Tim Holtz gears and game spinners to add some fun.  Well, I am off to scrap...going to work on the mini that has been running through my mind.  It won't let me sleep.  Maybe if I get started on it, my mind will settle for tonight!  

1 comment:

  1. i love love love this. LOVE it. but i have TWO suggestions... that picture does NOT reflect your current victory.. you need new pictures that reflect your new 'you'!

    and... you need to JOURNAL what you blogged.

    just sayin'. love you ;)