Wednesday, September 12, 2012

scraproom share

Hi everyone!  I have been trying to get this on the blog for a couple of weeks.  Finally, I got home in time to do pictures after work.  They are still a little dark, but I think you can get the idea.
So, welcome to my little scrap area!
This is an old kitchen table that I turned into my desk.  I have all of my most used tools and stuff right at my fingertips.  If I see it I use it.  
My desk sits in between to shelving units I found at a garage sale.  This one sits to the right side of where I sit.  It also has some of my most used stuff, like my Distress Inks, Tim Stamps and Ranger products.  Right behind where I sit are my most used punches.  I have more that I keep in a see through shoe bag on the back of my door.  Love that I can see what is in each pocket.  
 This is the other side shelving unit that I keep my printer on as well as boxes with treasure in them, things I don't use as much but still want to keep fairly close.  
This is another smaller unit that I also got at a garage sale.  Love garage sales...I always find stuff, wink. 
Anyway, the pink boxes are filled with my Teresa Collins blingage, brads and embellies.  They have to be really close, lol.  I also have some of my ribbon and buttons in the apothecary jars.  I love the color that it adds to the space. 
 On my desk I have this two tiered wire display I found at TJ Maxx.  It holds my most used wooden stamps.  The rest are in pink bins that I didn't get a picture of.  I also keep my washi tape in a clear glass container, and my stamp spinner where I keep my date rollers and blending tools.  
 My paper towers.  I love these.  I almost got rid of them...what was I thinking?  The one on the left is pretty much all Teresa Collins with a few other companies on the bottom portion.  The right is where I keep my cardstock and specialty papers.  Love that I can divide my papers by collection or company and get to them fast.  
 Another shot of behind my chair.  
 This is some of my "Y"s along with other things that just make me happy to look at.  Love my pink gumball machine.  I used to have pink M&M's in it, but that doesn't go to well with Weight Watchers, wink, so it sits empty.  

 Where I keep my Cricuts and cartridges.
And finally even though my desk area is dark in the picture, I wanted to share my view.  I love being able to sit and watch the lake.  Watch the sunsets, birds and other stuff.  We do have otters and gators that live near by and swim by daily!  Fun stuff.  
Well I hope you enjoyed my little tour.  Now I am going to sit and create in my happy place.  TTFN.


  1. Love your happy place! Thanks for sharing!

  2. "Sigh" What a great area... I can't understand how it stays so neat! Mine is a disaster! By the way, I love the Pink!

  3. Love your space and especially the view - of scrap stuff and the lake! Mary W