Friday, January 4, 2013

a few favorites...

 This is, I think, my favorite mini that I did this year!  I love it.  I am in the process of filling it and will share when I get it full. 
This layout just speaks to me.  Breanna looks like she daydreaming and really thinking about something.  
I was lucky enough for my friend Polly to snap some pictures of Bre.  She really captured some fun shots. 
 I snapped these pics of Bre on our dock.  Just love them, they are so representive of her. And I absolutely love love love this line.  It is Now and Then from Teresa Collins.
 This is a picture I took of Bre and Wesley.  It is just so cute. Bre really wanted to include the ampersand. She loves then and is collecting them.  This was right before they celebrated the third anniversary.  
So these are a few of my favorites from the end of 2012.  Hope you enjoyed seeing them again.  
Have a great day!

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