Thursday, January 17, 2013

CHA recap part I.

 First stop off the plane was Starbucks!  Steph and I needed a refreshing drink after flying for hours! 
This is my favorite drink.  Passion Tea Lemonade.  It is so yummy.  Addictive, wink. 

 We made our way to our hotel, checked in and then headed to the Convention Center.  We went and checked in, got our badges and decided to head out to dinner. 
It is Tradition.  First night in Cali and Bubba Gumps is the destination!  Love it.
Favorite.  They have the best strawberry lemonade! So refreshing!

I always get the same thing.  Never stray! LOL.  I ordered my fave...the Run Across America Sampler.  
It gives such a good taste of everything and is so filling.  If you ever go to Bubba's make sure and try it out!

The next morning we got up and went and did a couple of classes at the convention center. 
I had plans for Friday night to meet up with my "airport" girls from Ranger U.  
It is so hard to believe that I met these amazing women two years ago at Ranger. 
I feel so blessed to have them in my life.  We were so excited the first night we didn't take any photos.
I promise there was lots of squealing and giggling, lol.  
We did manage to get a really good pic of all of us together and I will share it in a bit. 

Here are Steph and I waiting to get into the show the first day.  We waited in line about an hour.
We had some stops we needed to make and below is the first!  
I found Mario first thing. Had to get a picture with this dear friend.  
He is always so happy and fun to be around! Miss him already!

 Then I was lucky enough to run into this fabulous lady while perusing Tim's Idea-ology booth.  
I have followed Paula Cheney for years! Love her style. 
I have a dream to go antiquing with her one day! 
She finds the most fabulous treasures.  We discussed a few of her haunts.  They are now on my to go to list.
She is such a sweet genuine person.  Just love her. 

 Here are some pics of the Idea-ology booth.  Fabulous is all I can say.  
It is vintage goodness to the extreme.  I smorgasbord of inspiration.
 Piles of vintage Suitcases and beautiful chandeliers. 
 Here is a sneak peek of one of Tim's new clocks all done up.  Gorgeous!
 This necklace was to die for.  Beautiful inspiration!
Here is one of the walls.  It is one of my favorite booths.  
Always filled to the brim with oodles of inspiration!  
I will post part two in a bit.  

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  1. Is your head bursting with ideas? Can't wait to hear all about it and glad you and Stephanie made it home safe and sound.