Thursday, January 17, 2013

CHA recap part II...

Love this lady.  Teresa Collins is such an amazing woman!  
She is a constant inspiration to me.  Not just in Scrapbooking, but in life.
She is so dear to me.  
Here are some pics of the booth.  Always amazing!  Love.
I wish the pics were better, but I was using my phone. 
 So many fabulous projects!  

In these two...I spy my baby girl!  Love.

This is "He said, She said"  This line is so fun!  It is different for Teresa but still so 
classy and timeless!  It is filled with those "staches."
 This is Memories.  This is pure bliss for me.  Love the color palette. Love the designs!
 Below is Stationery Noted.  This is a great line for recording any and all of those special moments!

 And last but not least "Far and Away"....Gorgeous!  
This is perfect for any trip but could be used for the everyday to. 
 Wish I had gotten a few more pics, but time was limited!  These pictures really don't do the booth justice,
but I think you can get the feel.  So excited to get all these lines into She Scrapbooks!!!  
More to come...CHA recap III...tomorrow!

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