Friday, March 22, 2013

Touched beyond words...

The women in these two pictures mean the world to me.  We went to Ranger U together and after a day of intense flying and airport hic-ups we bonded and were dubbed the Airport girls.  Above from left to right Hels Sheriden, Candy Colwell, Cheryl Grisby (Mario), Me (Tim) and Linda Ledbetter.  We were lucky enough to get this picture at our almost two year reunion while at CHAW 2013.  Below is Ellen Vargo, Anita Houston with Hels and Candy.  They were not in the above picture but are definitely Airport Girls!  
I also wanted to extend a Thank you to Tim, Mario and the whole Ranger Ink Company.  If it wasn't for them I would not have these fabulous ladies in my life! 

These fabulous women shocked the heck out of me yesterday!  I really don't think they have any idea of how they touched my soul.  I am truly blessed to have such talented, beautiful souls in my life and we are definitely forever friends/sisters.  We have only started to make memories that we will continue to make through out our lives.  I look so forward to being able to have reunions, chat on line, skype and whatever else the fates have in store for our group.  
I came home yesterday (after having a stressful day) to a little box sitting on my stoop.  I did what I had to do before I allowed myself to open it.  After putting the groceries away, starting the laundry and other chores I sat down and opened it.  Inside were the MOST beautiful hand made tags with little notes of love from each airport sister.  The water works instantly started.  They also included this little box from Tiffany's with a gorgeous necklace inside.  I cannot understand how I am so lucky to have these very special women in my life. I cannot express my gratitude sufficiently concerning their generosity.  All I can do is hope that they know beyond a shadow of a doubt they have touched my soul.  They will be a part of my life forever and I am so blessed to call them my friends/sisters!  

Their generosity is going to be passed forward.  
Not as extravagantly, hehehe, but certainly passed forward!  
I have been doing some purging and cleaning in my studio and have a bunch of stuff I am going to send out to a random winner.  All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me how you have received or given a RAK. I will choose a winner on Sunday the 24th.
Extended to Tuesday 26th 6:00PM 
Below is the goodies that will be sent out to the winner!  
I hope each of you has a fabulous weekend.  Hugs. 


  1. Nice RAK I just returned from a trip to Cuba where we stayed in local homestays Each morning when we left I left I lefy a goody bag filled with hopefully useful itme like soaps, toothbrushes, pens, etc Life in Cuba is hard and the people cannot purchase many of what we North Americans take for granted. What they receive as gifts is one less thing they don't have to line up for or seek on the black market.

  2. I have had two awesome RAKs in my life…the first…when I was a waitress in college….I waited on a Coast Guard cutter crew, sailing from Virginia Beach to Panama and they docked in our port for a night….on the return trip, they came in and brought me a Panama Flag and some Panamanian handmade jewelry, just for making their trip so hospitable. The second, was a law client, years later….while waiting to see the attorney, we recognized we were from near places (50 miles apart) and were discussing families. She learned that both my parents had past in the last year, 2 months apart. One day, about 2 weeks later, in the mail at our office, I received from her a "Humanity Bracelet." She explained that it embodies all of what our parents teach us (engraved with the words "kindness, truth, trust, love, beauty" etc.). She explained that she was given one when both her parents past…since that day, I have gifted 5 to friends whose parents have past.

  3. Every girl should be blessed with a little blue box! Does wonders for the psyche!

  4. Love you, honey. I don't know anyone who deserves a little blue box of happiness more than you do. You're truly one of the kindest people ever to grace the Earth.


  5. What a beautiful package for you! Love your new necklace! So glad you have such special friends in your life.

  6. I am so happy for you, Yvonne! You deserve lots of little moments like this. My favorite RAK was giving a homeless man Christmas. I have not shared this story because of how most people judge homeless, mentally ill folks....I saw him daily for several weeks as he set up camp by an abandoned store in an abandoned strip mall. He never bothered anyone, did not beg or post signs, made his bed every day, kept his "home" neat and slept in the cold and rain under some eaves. He had found a dirty mattress he was using and he appeared to be mentally ill and talked to himself, too. As I was driving home from work on Christmas eve, I was moved to do something for him. So my hubby and I sent shopping for a waterproof sleeping bag, blankets, pillows, clean sheets, toiletries, non-perishable foods, a radio and lots of batteries (he would sing as he cleaned), a hot home cooked meal and some money in a card. My husband and I took all those items to him. He was afraid of us and ran, so we loudly told him these were gifts for Christmas and that we would leave the gifts under the eaves for him and hoped God would bless him further. The next day we drove by and saw that he had used everything we gave him and was proudly sitting in the sun in the folding chair we had also given him. Everything was unpacked and arranged neatly and his bed was now made with clean sheets, blankets and he had a sleeping bag to stay warm. The best part was for the first time, he was smiling. He was looking up to the sun as the light shined down on him as if he were the richest man in the world. At that moment, I was the richest woman in the world! Hugs Yvonne.

  7. You. Are. A. Shining. Star... and I loves ya xxx

  8. My husband and I have been through alot, and it started out rough financially right after we got married, we lost our home. We ended up moving back into his parents house till we could save up money to get a new place, this was not going to well since I recently lost my job and we were relying just on my husbands income. But one day, his mom and I went out to look at rentals in the area, we found one I liked and she offered the landlord to purchase it!! She said I would like to buy my son and new daughter a home, would you be considered in selling yours? The lady was more than happy to sell her the home because she was moving to Texas, and was worried about renting it out long distance. Needless to say, two days later my husband and I were moving into our new home. And we have been here for two years this weekend. We pay rent to her every month for the home, but in 15 years... we will own it. I never in my wildest dreams thought something like that would of happened, and it was the most kind thing anyone has ever done. They were sweet enough to let us live with them, but buy a house? That was incredibly kind.

  9. Raks are really the most fun. Usually totally unexpected, and so delightful to be on the receiving end. But the giving end brings its own immense satisfaction. So congrats Yvonne and I'm so happy for you.

  10. So glad you were blessed by your gift. Very thoughtful of them and it was at a time needed.

  11. That Tiffany pendant really is beautiful, I'm not surprised that you're speechless about it!