Sunday, May 26, 2013

Graduation...(warning long!)

Wow...the last few weeks have been a whirl wind of activity.  As many of you know Bre graduated from High School.  I don't really even know where to begin with the feelings that have been running through me.  First, I am so very proud of my girl.  She did her very best all through High School.  Not once did I ever have to ask her, "Did you do your homework?", worry about her grades, worry about her not doing her best. She is self motivated, very organized, and very determined.  I am so very proud of the young woman she has grown in to.  I know she is going to be very successful in life, because she is determined, has set goals and most of all has a drive (that I find inspiring). Thank you Breanna for being the girl you are, for always doing what you knew you should, for making the right choices, for doing your very best even when you where dog tired, for never making me worry if we were going to get through your teenage years, wink. 
You are my girl, my inspiration, my sunshine.  I love you to the moon and back and more then there are stars in the sky.  I feel so blessed to be your mom and share in your life.  
So now that the mushy part is over, I thought I would share a few pictures from the last week.  
 Bre being cute in her cap and gown so I could get a few pictures for props!
 Very proud parents after Baccalaureate.  
 Having a little fun after Baccalaureate. 
 Bre and one of her besties Briana.  She is a great young woman as well. 
 Bre and her Om (aka other mother).  So grateful she has Stephanie in her life. 
I know that if she will always be there for my girl! 
 Bre and Wesley.  Of course he was there to support her.  They are going on FOUR years. 
 After "the walk",  love that she is so happy!  Her cousins brought her beautiful flowers. 
 Her Aunt Mindy, whom she adores. 
 All the graduates.  Bre and her two cousins Logan and Austin and their best friend Rudy 
all Class of 2013!  It was great to be able to celebrate together!  
I know the boys mom is smiling down from Heaven.  Kelli, we miss you so much. 
And my favorite picture of the day.  Bre with both sets of grandparents.  She is so lucky to have them all still here with her. So lucky that they all were able to make it to her Graduation and very loved by all of them.  
They are so proud of her as well and such a great blessing to have be a part of her life.  
Left to right-Kenny's dad, Kenneth and mom, Vivian.  Bre. My mom, Linda and my step dad Bob. 
Thanks to all who came and helped make her day amazing,  Thank you for all the good wishes from friends near and afar.  Thank you to all who have been an amazing inspiration to my girl.  It is not just us as the parents who have impacts on our children, it is also the people in our lives.  Our friends and people in the community.  I cannot tell you how many congratulations and warm wishes we got from our community when walking in to the grocery store, or a thumbs up sitting at at red light.  It is so special when people reach out to other people.  It is so special to see such positivity in a world that sometimes seems negative at times.  
I am so thankful to everyone for being there for our family, for being a role model to Bre, for taking time to share in her life.  

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