Tuesday, July 16, 2013

First of two....

I will be back late today to show you a sneak peek of what I have been doing with Memorabilia! 
It is BY FAR my favorite new line!!!!
I LIKE IT...I LOVE IT! Can't get enough of it! WINK. 
Before that though I am squealing excited to share this with you!!!

Yes it is! A PINK heavy duty stapler!!!! Yes...this is going in my tool stash!
ASAP I might add! 
And Below...a Punch that goes through chipboard and paper like butter!
OH...the new stuff is making my heart happy!!!  

Isn't it funny how paper crafting makes a person so giddy, wink!  
Don't forget to go to Teresa's blog to learn more and see more as well as a chance for a FABULOUS giveaway!!!
Be back later with some more sneak peeks.  

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  1. Super excited about both products! Thanks for sharing.