Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Monday!

So excited to share with you this planner! Cheri Piles and I did a challenge over on the Design Team blog today.  Same Line of product, Memories, same project, planner...and two totally different looks!
We were talking on the phone about how hard it is to find the perfect planner.
Cheri says "you want to do a challenge?"
I say "I'm in!"
And do it began...
Below is a look at what catagories mine contains.  
I really wanted this to be super functional, super cute and bigger is size. 
 One of my pet peeves with planners are that the boxes in the calendars are so small!
How can you write in them, especially when you have BIG handwriting.
Anyone else???
So I was on the hunt for big boxed calendars. Found them! So happy. 
I will add a link below. 

Of course you have to have a  year at a glance.  
 And a "dash board" area.  
 If you like this double page calendar with BIG can print them out from here.
If you would like to see more with a little tutorial on the magnetic page marker on the top right corner of this photo, just click here. You can also see the CUTE planner that Cheri made!!! LOVE IT! 
I will be back tomorrow with some more organizing fun!

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  1. LOVE IT! How big is it? Do you carry it in your purse? Are you going to do a class? I used to make a checkbook sized one every year and really depended on it then kept it for a mini book after. Would love to make another HINT HINT! Kits coming? I need calendar pages with squares for appointments, an area for a photo, a page with important numbers, and an area for notes - all that and it fits in my purse too. I think your first on-line class has been planned HA. Mary Werner