Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fun with Modeling Paste and a Giveaway!!!

Using Random Number Generator...number 8 was the lucky number...Carol W... email (yblair1@gmail.com) me your addy and I will get your adhesive kit shipped out by Saturday! 
Congratulations and thank you to all those who left a comment! 
I will do another giveaway soon...hope you will check back! 

So, many of you may know my favorite number is 3. 
I collect them along with Y's and &'s. 
Quirky? Maybe, but it makes me happy and it's kind of fun to hunt for them.
I don't know if you have seen Teresa's new Stencils but OH MY, when I say the numbers one, I about flipped! I love the font that she chose to do them in.  
I can see so many projects coming in the future with this one stencil! 
I love to also make things for my home.  A lot of the stuff in my home is made. 
I have repurposed, reinvented, reused, altered and anything else I can do to found objects. 
This is a little frame I picked up at Ikea.  

I decided to try the Modeling Paste on glass and see what it would do. 
I was delighted when it stayed nice and crisp! 
I did have a little seepage, but all I had to do was scrape it away and clean around it with a little brush. Makes it really easy to clean up a boo boo, wink. 
Before the paste dried I added some glitter. 
Love that it is sparkly and blingy!
I cut one of the tags from Nine and Co down so that it would appear as a background for the '3'. 
Then popped that with some pop dots and adhered it to that yummy GOLD design paper from Nine and Co.  I think this is my favorite collection of Teresa's at the moment.  I cannot stop playing with it. 
It's hard to see and I tried to get a picture, but the 3 is actually on top of the glass. 
It really looks cool in person! 
So have you made any little home decor pieces lately.  I would love it if you shared your link in the comments.  

AND just to make it a little more fun...leave a comment and you could win one of the Teresa Collins Adhesive kits from Xryon.  I want to share the goodness and this kit is full of that! 
All you have to do is leave a comment and you will be entered to win.  
(sorry, but this is open to US residents only)
I will use the random number generator to pick the winner one week from today. 
Thanks for stopping by....see you next time. 


  1. Very nice! I like that font too!!

  2. Love the glitter. ... great job as always

  3. Modeling paste and glitter!...just add Chocolate and it would be heaven (I think)

  4. Did you just sprinkle the glitter on or did you have to smoosh it in somehow?

    1. I lightly smooshed it...but very lightly, wink. hehehe

  5. Very creative. Love it. I would never have thought to use molding paste on glass. Gotta try that.

  6. Hi. I love your work. I, too enjoy performing the BIG R's to items.

  7. So beautiful! I'm loving all the gold from Teresa Collins collection this year too! Love this project - would never have thought to try the paste on the glass. Awesome job!

  8. Yvonne--This is wonderful!! I love your 3's--I love seeing them in the pieces that you create--it's fun that way :)
    I haven't made any new home décor pieces (yet), but I've got something called an Assemblage Clock that's raring to go for something Halloweeny ;) :) XOXO-Shari T.

  9. I was stopping by for a CC3C visit and this caught my eye! Great decoration and love what you did with that frame. I had no idea modeling paste would stick to glass, but goes to reason as it has to have a glue compound! Love this!

  10. The shiney three caught my eye .. I love sparkle !! What an awesome kit .. thanks for the chance :)

  11. Yvonne, this came out so beautiful! I'm sure you had fun creating this piece. Nice job..

  12. Yvonne....What a fun idea...This is one of the reasons I love visiting blogs....It is so much fun checking out what other crafters create and you can actually learn something. I am always open to trying new things. LOVE IT!

  13. Fabulous prize! Who doesn't love/need adhesive? Not this girl! Super cute project by-the-way!

  14. Hey Sis! Miss you! Love your blog love the product! Pick ME! :)

  15. Hey I love 3 also, although mine has a 1 in front of it! Always amazed at your creativity Miss Yvonne!

  16. Great Project! I am hoping to head your way soon for a quick visit!

  17. Anything you do is awesome. I have watched you blossom like a butterfly in your creativity