Monday, May 25, 2015


Okay everyone...I have been anxiously waiting to share this excited news.  

sisterhood of the traveling paints, Costa Rica, Mixed Media

There was tons of squealing as you can guess...lots of hopping around, happy dancing and well just lots of giggles and happiness! 

It is in September of 2016 and I believe registration is open now! 
You can read all about it here.
Okay...the most awesome part of this is that some of MY very ARTSY sisters who you might recognize from among many other things The Compendium Of Curiosities Challenge 3 are going to be taking this trip! YES...all of us together...teaching...being together and most of all hopefully inspiring you with our own styles of art! 
We have dubbed ourselves the SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PAINTS! 
and a traveling we will go...hehehe. 

and Me. 

This trip not only includes SEVEN different projects but a day sightseeing the Doka Coffee Plantation including a BUTTERFLY SANCTUARY (be still my heart!), a Craft village tour of Sarchi, dinners and more! 
You will also be personally escorted by Craftours founder Jim West who is a master organizer of such events! 
 You can read all about what the package includes here....and for a very limited time the airfare is FREE!!! SO...why not just go ahead and book it today! wink wink. 

One thing...all questions related to the trip need to be addressed to Craftours..they are the ones who have the answers! 

If you are not currently subscribed to the fabulous Craftposium Magazine you should click on over and do that...why not I ask's free, wink.  It is filled with GREAT articles! 
Check out Craftposiums May 2015 issue...
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Paints are featured on pages 6-7 with a beautiful spread announcing our fantastic trip to COSTA RICA!!! insert squeal here!!!! 
Hope you all have a fabulous week! 
I surely hope to meet lots of you on this amazing adventure! 
We are all so excited to be able to share our art, our passions and most of all hopefully inspire you to live a creative life!!! BIG HUGS!!!