Thursday, February 4, 2016

Art Girl Lynne Forsythe...

AN AMAZING Art Journal spread from Lynne.
It will wow you!
All the texture, the color palette...
It is beautiful!

Happy Thursday, peeps!
Thank you for stopping by
Yvonne Blair Designs blog today!

Lynne Forsythe here and I want to share my
latest art journaling pages.

I love to just PLAY in my art journal!
This spread was inspired by the hearts,
they are all 'TOVERS!
What are 'TOVERS you ask.....
they are things that at one time were
GREAT ideas, only to be put aside....
because they just didn't fit 
as anticipated.
Then to be REVIVED at just the
RIGHT time and place
and be.......just PERFECT!

The center "paper" heart and the burlap heart
were good ideas I had created that just didn't
end up working in a project I was creating.
The left heart is leftover "paper" I created for
a different project.

I then began the quest for
a perfect background!
A layer of texture medium,
some tape,
a layer of paint and glaze
Which turned out to dark,
so I dabbed on a layer of gesso
through a stencil with a sponge
creating fabulous texture!!
I finished it off with a
spritz of mist.

I now had this AMAZING 
textured background....
but there was NO WAY I could stamp on it.
And if you are familiar with my style,
I like my art to "say" something.

So, I pulled out a piece of tissue paper,
chose my Yvonne Blair Designs Stamp....
and some ink!

Then, I realized the line spacing
would require masking if
I wanted to cut the quote apart.

So, I pulled out a roll of paper tape,
masked of the first three lines,
inked the pad,
pulled off the mask
and stamped.

I repeated the process
for the next two lines.

And again for the last lines.

I cut out the pieces parts and applied
the stamped tissue to my spread
with multi medium.

Now, I have to tell on myself!
I was talking on the phone,
not paying attention to what I was doing
and I stenciled over one of
the newly adhered "stamp lines"
with black paint....
so, I continued the "technique"

I hope you enjoyed my creative process!

If you are interested in exploring
Art Journaling
Yvonne Blair Designs

.....till next time

Make sure to visit Lynne's blog too...she has a blog full of creative masterpieces sure to leave you inspired!!! Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. gorgeous heart decor..! wow... you are quite the adventure girl... with an artsy heart.. i love that sharing you did today.. thanks:)

  2. Oh my Lynne - this is just beyond INTRIGUING and LOVELY. Wow. You are soooo right - you created an amazing textured background. I just wanted to stare at it... it could be art just on it's own! The hearts are GORGEOUS too though - it's all just a beauty. j.

  3. Wow, that is fabulous, amazing textures and composition! Deb xo