Monday, February 22, 2016

Shine The Light - By Tonya A. Gibbs

Hello there! Today is Tonya's day!!! 
Don't you just love this art journal page?  
I love the way the light is shining our of the lighthouse right into the sentiment. 
Fabulous project! Thanks Tonya! 

Shine The Unique Light - Art Journal Page by Tonya A. Gibbs for #IOStamps #YvonneBlairArtGirls #YBArtGirls #ImpressionObsession #PsychomomsScrapbooks #TonyaAGibbs

Hi everyone Tonya here today, to share with you an Art Journal page featuring these awesome products designed by Yvonne Blair

Sketch Twig

Shine Your Light

For today's project  I am use Yvonne's custom designed 4x8 art journal.
I love that these journals lay completely flat when open, and are made of heavy
weight coated cardstock. They really stood up to the wet mediums beautifully.
As you can tell from the photos, my page was not buckled at the end.
And the paper did not pill or rag out.

#YvonneBlairDesigns Journal 4x8
Paplin Art Journal -  $10

Journal Buddy #YvonneBlairDesigns
I also used Yvonne's Journal Buddy to create landscape and draw the lines for my Light House.
This is a handy little tool that every art journal fan should have in their stash. It retails for
around $8, and can also be purchased directly by emailing Yvonne.

Here is a close up of the landscape where I used the journaling buddy as a guide.

Shine The Unique Light - Art Journal Page by Tonya A. Gibbs for #IOStamps #YvonneBlairArtGirls #YBArtGirls #ImpressionObsession #PsychomomsScrapbooks #TonyaAGibbs

I used my Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® Stamper's Big Brush Artist Pens
to color my Journal page, here is a list of the colors that were used:
Black #199, White #101, Cold Grey I 230, Phthalo Blue #110, Cobalt Green #156,
May Green #170, Green Gold #268, Cadmium Yellow #107, Scarlet Red #118,
Deep Scarlet Red #219, Pink Madder Lake #129

Here is a video tutorial showing how I created the Journal Page:

Watch On YouTube

Thank you for stopping in today.  I hope you enjoyed my video, and were inspired to use the Journal Buddy in a different way.  Let me know in the comment below if you have any questions.


  1. Great tutorial and video. Thanks Tonya for great inspiration and thanks Yvonne for your wonderful sentiment stamp AND the Buddy - It works perfectly for me in my journaling. No more measuring and marking page after page. LOVE IT!