Monday, February 8, 2016

Welcome our Guest Designer Averie...

Hello there! I am so excited to share a very special guest designer Miss Averie Phillips! 
She is now our honorary Jr. Art Girl and I love the project she and her Aunt Tonya made together. 
This is the kind of thing that makes my heart absolutely sing.  
I just know that these special Valentines are going to be a hit. 
Thank you Averie for sharing your art with us! 

Hi everyone it's Tonya here today with a fun little post with our Jr. Art Girl, my niece, Averie. She needed a little extra special Aunt Tonya time this weekend getting her craft on, so we decided to pull out some of Yvonne's stamps, the Gelli® Arts Gelli® Printing Plate, and some acrylic paints. Our mission was to create unique Valentines for her classmates!

We headed to the store to purchase a package of candy, because Valentines should always include candy right?  We wanted to keep our project simple.  Easy is key when you have to create so many! Plus our goal was really "the art project" the Valentines just gave us a reason to create (like we needed one!)

I introduced Averie to Yvonne's stamps, and she instantly fell in love with these sketched beauties. They were at the top of the must use list!

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Next we grabbed an assortment of Acrylic full bodied paints from Liquitex Basics  Cadmium Red, Titanium White, and then a we also used a Plaid Apple Barrel Bimini Blue with an 8x10 Gelli® Arts Printing Plate. For added interest, we also pulled out a Tim Holtz Hearts stencil to give us a smaller heart for a repeated pattern.

This was the first time she had played with a printing plate. It was fun watching her discover how the stamps could be used to lift paint and create one look or stamp directly onto the paper to create another look.

Through all the random patterns that we continued to pull, she talked about how neat these Valentines were going to be because no one else in her class would have anything like them.  I must say my heart was beginning to melt JUST A LITTLE BIT!

I often have people say "what do you do with all those prints?"  I have lots of ideas for that, but Averie asked the same question, and she kept saying "these look really messy." I said "Large patterns can be overwhelming, but when we cut them smaller you will see they take on a different look. Wait until we are done!"  Here is a sample of one of her prints, before we trimmed it down for her Valentine covers.

Look at all the texture we created with just three colors of paint and few stamps.  Keeping it very simple was key.  The contrast of the blue really helped to make the prints pop! In just under an hour we had enough prints to cover 27 Valentines. We were having so much fun!  When we went to pull our fourth print - I looked at the plate and yelled  "hold it -  STOP, sometimes the Genius in Art is knowing when to STOP! Look at the yummie plate!"

We pulled the Print and this what we got!  PURE GENIUS!  I suggested that she frame this print and hang it in her room as a reminder to "Always follow her heart."

So back to the Valentine's Project!

We took a piece of cardstock and cut it to 6 inches by 2.5 inches then scored the long edge at 3 inches.  Averie applied glue down the edges to form a pocket.  The candy will slip inside the pocket once the glue is dry.  Note - I recommend wet glue for this so that the pockets stay closed.  You may need to adjust the sizes to fit your candy selection.

Next we trimmed her Gelli® Art Prints to fit the front and backs of her pockets.   Once the patterns were trimmed smaller she saw how the busy patterns were now really cool and fun.  To finish off the Valentines we punched out a heart from the scraps of cardstock for her to write her classmate's names, then glued them to the front.  

We had such an amazing afternoon. These few hours are time that we both will cherish forever.  In just a few hours we created 27 Valentines cards, but for me it was more than just cards. In two hours we created a memory that would last a lifetime, for me I nurtured an artist. I hope that print that we pulled is always around to reminder her of our time together.  Her Dad has already sent me a photo of it framed.  Thanks for stopping in today!


  1. How lovely....i live when i get to do art with my nieces too...thanks for sharing

  2. Ahhh Averie - YOU DID FABULOUSLY. What a fun and creative project. WOW! Thank you so much for sharing your art with us today. j.

  3. This will probably be one of those memories she will have until she reaches my age and beyond. The valentines turned out so cute and you know she will be all smiles when handing them out. I'm making valentines with my granddaughter but luckily she only has 17 classmates. YEA! Gelli plating with Sadie has been a really great time for me as well.

  4. Beautiful job Averie! Your friends are going to love them, and you, for making such sweet treats for them!

  5. Wow Averie! You did an amazing job and are definitely a budding artist! Well done you!!

  6. How fun to see a budding artist like Averie. The valentines came out amazing. It's so cool that each one is its own amazing and unique piece of art!

  7. Beautiful Valentines Avery, what a wonderful job, your classmates are going to love them! Deb xo

  8. What a fantabulous time spent together and such a wonderful end result! I bet these were a big hit with your classmates Avery! Awesome sauce! Thanks for sharing your process. Hugz. ~Niki