Thursday, March 17, 2016

What do you do?...Lynne Forsythe

Oh my goodness! 
I love this post...I have had many creative blocks lately and it's nice to get someone else's perspective! Thanks Lynne for this post! I know we are not the only ones...and I love your 'Tovers'! 

What do you do....
when your creativity walks out the door,
just when you need it??

I head to my 'TOVERS!!

What are 'TOVERS may you ask....

they are the those pieces parts that just 
didn't turn out the way I planned
got caught up in the overspray
just didn't get put back...
I keep them in a pile on my work surface.
I also have a stack of
tags, cards and misc paper
that I apply 'TOVER
texture mediums, sprays and paints to.

This is the "card" I chose to use.

I then dug through my pile
looking for elements to use on my card.
Colored die cuts, vintage lace, various burlap
and metal pieces.

I found a rolled flower, flute heart and flowers
that I colored with Glimmer Mist to match my "card".

I stapled a piece of chipboard and vintage lace
to my "card".

I used the
on a piece of tissuestock.

Here is my finished project.
I found a burlap hardboard and
adhered my "card to it....

Here are a few close ups of my project.

I hope you enjoyed my creative struggle!!
My 'TOVER didn't turn out too bad....huh??!?

Thank you for stopping by!

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