Thursday, April 7, 2016

She BELIEVED by Lynne Forsythe

Thanks Lynne!!! Love your tag and I'm sure everyone else will too!

Hi Everyone!

I began my project by pulling out one of my 
recently created backgrounds....aka 'TOVERS
(sorry no process photos)

You see....I had recently purchased various
paint brushes and needed to test their splatter ability
for an upcoming class I am teaching.
When I finished my experiment,
I had this FABULOUS background paper.
So, I turned to my pile of  'TOVERS
and let the creative process begin.....
(I save pieces parts of flowers, papers and textiles)

I love working on a project for not other reason...
than creating!

I pulled out tidbits of.....
wire mesh
cheese cloth
vintage curtain
and began laying out my background.

While searching through my pile of
cast off flowers I encounter
the canvas flower which matched perfectly.
I had created it while teaching a class.

I pulled out a used piece of tissuestock,
that had been stamped on,
and cut out ivy leaves
and them colored them.

Next, I went to my stash of hoarded items...
vintage spoons and buttons
I nearly tore my creative area apart
looking for the vintage zipper. I progressed with my creation
I just knew what quote I wanted to use....
I think it is one of my all time favorite

I pulled out a piece of vintage note paper
from my pile
and stamped the image on it.
I then cut apart the saying
and augmented it with some
letters I picked up at a yard sale.

Thank you for joining me and
my creative journey!!
And I hope I've inspired you to


  1. Oh my this is great ... love all the elements, they all just work so well! Love the 'Tovers ... such cute term too!

    1. thanks BUNCHES Rea! Glad you enjoyed my tag and my 'Tovers! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  2. This is MARVELOUS Lynne. Totally smiling and for some reason - your project just makes me feel happy, encouraged, and ready to be spontaneous!!! Absolutely ADORE that you put this in the vintage zipper - I mean seriously the 'piece de resistance' there - it looks SPLENDID. And then - that canvas flower just is LUSCIOUS... as is everything else you added. It really does have everything but the kitchen sink and it is just SPECTACULARLY ARTSY. What a treat to see. Thanks bunches - super inspiration to just DO IT!!! Xj.

    1. WOW Joi.....thank you for your LOVELY comment! I am sooo glad you liked my bits and pieces I used on my tag along with the vintage zipper! Thank BUNCHES for stopping by!!