Monday, April 4, 2016

Stars Shine by Tonya Gibbs

A beautiful uplifting tag...Thanks Tonya! 

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share with you a tag I created by De-stashing my desk. I have a bowl (and it has to stay small to stay manageable) on my desk that I call "One Hit Wonders". You see it in my videos from time to time.   These are items left over after a major project (example:  metal pieces, flowers, buttons, small scraps of ribbon etc.)   This keeps my studio from being over run with older products and scraps.  I'm sure many of you can feel my pain - right? When the bowl gets full, it's time to start making tags, cards, and embellishment clusters for layouts.   Today's project is a tag using some of these products, and older products in my stash.  The theme was inspired by Yvonne's Stars Shine Stamp from Impression Obsession:

Did you know that you can order these stamps in 3 different mounts,  Plain Red Rubber, Cling Mount, and Wood Mounted?  It is awesome to have options!

 I'm using Lindy's Stamp Gang Limor Webber Designs Neon Graffiti Flat Fabios in Urban Amethyst, Poppin' Pink, Blazing Black, and Sidewalk Chalk to color my tag.

I used white embossing powder on black cardstock to make my stamped image pop. I love the chalkboard feel this gave to my text. This will help my text contrast with the rest of the tag, and reinforce the sentiment.

I love for my tags to have a theme or tell a story.  My tags theme will be emerging from the darkness into the light. 

If you have crafted for a while you probably have lots of  Prima bling in your stash. I decided to use it to represent the chaos that seems to follow us in the darkness, spinning us out of control. Notice I'm placing them at the bottom, burring that chaos.  I used some of Marion Smith Designs Junque and Gems Metal Flowers that had a star shape to symbolize how our sparkle is sometimes dulled by the darkness.  As you can see it still has a little shine, but it is consumed in the dark.  The light bulb is another one of Marion's  gyms  and it symbolizes the light we feel when we emerge from darkness.   The gear represents the work it takes to leave the dark and travel into the light.   The tiny seed beads reminded me of pollen.  As I spread them around I thought about how our attitude can pollinate those around us, or vice versa. Sometimes the weight of the darkness is perpetuated by the negativity of others, and if we can find a piece of something positive in its wake, and hold onto that, we will soon find our light.  I like to think that through every dark moment in my life, there was a lesson I needed to learn.  I try to figure out what experience I need to gain from this darkness to better my future.  As I begin thinking this way, I notice a shift in my attitude, and light entering my world.  I no longer feel suffocated, but instead enlightened. I decided to brush a little Viva Precious Metal Colour Gold on the high points in my darkest areas of the tag to show how the light can spread.

To bring the "Stars Shine" message forward, I decided to gold foil my stars. This made them super shiny and reflective.  It helped them become the focus or "Star" on the tag.   

I share lots of techniques and "bright ideas"  in this short 15 min video

Wasn't that fun to watch? Here is the finished tag:

Stars Shine Tag by Tonya Gibbs for Yvonne Blair Designs

I hope I have inspired you today to reach into those scraps,  pull out a few hoarded supplies and create a tag.   I like to hang these tags on the wall in my studio, and I also like to share these with other crafter buddies as I meet them.  

Do you have a favorite way to "de-stash" your scraps or hoarded items?  I would love to hear your ideas in the comments below.   Thanks for stopping in today,

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