Thursday, May 19, 2016

NOT a flower in SIGHT by Lynne Forsythe

Lynne is here with this amazing textured wall hanging!
I'm stunned there is no flowers, cause you know she is the flower girl!
But Oh is it stunning...look at her clever way in which she hangs it!
Thanks Lynne for the awesome inspiration!

Hi creative peeps.....
Hope you are having a WONDERFUL week....
full of things that make your soul HAPPY!

Once again, I was creating two projects simultaneously,
not wanting to waste any of my "mixed" concoctions.

I began by creating a stencil and applied
texture medium through the "heart" stencil.

I created a mixture with acrylic paint and glaze
and applied it with my finger to the stenciled heart
until I had achieved the desired look!

I then applied some texture medium 
through a stencil.

From here I just got lost in the creative process.
and Gloppin'

Here is the finished result!
When I finished the "card face"
I wasn't completely satisfied
so I tore the card apart and adhered
it to canvas hardboard.

I added various textural elements
and string.

I then pulled out a vintage zipper
that went perfect
so I added a bit of "green" to my creation
to tie the whole piece together.

What better way to finish a creative journey
then with a NEW Yvonne Blair Designs quote stamp

And it WAS A GOOD DAY....
to have a CREATIVE day!!!

.....and there is not a FLOWER in SIGHT!
Hope you find time to have some "creative time"!!!


  1. WOW ... it's gorgeous ( my favorite color ... of course ) ... beautiful color combo and the various textures so yummy ! Zipper hanger... how creative is that ??!! <3

    1. Rea...thank you sooo much for your kind word! glad you enjoyed my creation and color...heheheh!

  2. Lovely colours, composition and textures! Who needs flowers!!

    1. Thanks bunches....glad you enjoyed my creation. The no flowers is a bit of a stretch!