Monday, October 3, 2016

Journal Buddy Blog Hop!

Oh my goodness...can I squeal? 
I am over the top giddy to share with you my Journal Buddy Tool. 
Welcome to The Yvonne Blair Art Girls Blog Hop! 
I am so excited to share with you lots of inspiration and lots of ideas using the Journal Buddy!

Let me give you some back story! 
I struggle, when writing on a blank page to keep my journaling from going up hill or down hill and lining up a ruler to create lines was just too tedious for me. I started thinking what would I want in a journal guide tool.  I knew I wanted straight line guides, it would need to have a ruler, a way to line it up and if it had a wavy edge to create those fun lines to add some creative journaling well, 
that would be a bonus! 
So, I went about sketching a few ideas and then made some prototypes out of different materials. 
Lots of redoing, lots of difficulty cutting some material I finally found the one that I wanted to create. 
I contacted a few friends in the industry and finally was led to the right person! 
She agreed to make 100 for me, but it was up to me to sell it. 
I did a couple of blog posts, posted on FB and IG and sent some to friends to use in their art. 
It started to gain interest.  Now I'm in to the 4th batch of 100! 
I sent my little tool to Stampington! Hoping it would be of interest to them.  
A few months later I heard from my contact that the Journal Buddy has been picked as the Editor's Pick in the Oct-Dec. Issue of Stampers Sampler!!! Yay! 

Here is my project using the Journal Buddy. 
Once my background was done I used the curvy edge of the Journal Buddy to create a decorative border.  Just line it up and trace, move it a little down and trace again.  Then fill it in with bold blocks to help the border stand out.   To add the journal lines, I took one of my ink blending tools and picked up some paint I had on my non stick craft sheet.  You want to go in one direction when applying the paint, or ink or whatever medium you choose. Let it dry, or dry it with your heating tool and simply add your journaling! It's so easy! 

I have a wonderful, talented amazing group of girls who are part of my family! 
They inspire me, they make me laugh, they help to keep me on task and they put up with my quirkiness! lol...I would like to thank Lynne Forsythe, Tonya Gibbs and Lisa Nazario-Gregory for sticking with me, for sharing their art and for getting 'it.'
I can't wait to see and for you to see what the girls have done! 

Yvonne Blair-you are here

We are celebrating being picked as the editor’s choice in the Oct-Dec Issue of Stampers Sampler by Stampington. Each one of us will be giving away a journal buddy on Friday Oct. 7. Your comment must be received by noon October 7. If you leave a comment on each blog you will be put in for a drawing to win a Journal Buddy, Art Journal and Stampers Sampler Magazine Bundle. The winner will be announced October 7th at 7:00 pm. All winners will be notified by email and announced on Yvonne’s blog Oct 7 at 7:00pm.

For more info and more techniques make sure and click on the above tab labeled Journal Buddy Info-shop.  We also have directions on how to purchase your own Journal Buddy! 


  1. Congratulations on being Editor's Pick for Stamper's Sampler. What an honor, well deserved. Love you and off to check out Lynne's blog!

  2. This is a great project. I also liked the one you did on YouTUbe.

  3. I've been wanting one of clever..tfc

  4. Congrats on being editors choice -looks like a pretty handy tool! Love your page - it really shows off different ways to use your tool!

  5. Yvonne...this is awesome. How exciting for you. Good things happen to good people.
    Go forth and Conquet!

  6. I am so happy and excited that the journal buddy has been picked as editor's choice for Stampington! You have worked long and hard and deserve great things! I just love my journal buddy and use it a lott. I have 3, one at work, one at home in my Raskog with my other art journal supplies and one to use at home and one in my kit that I take with me when I go to crops, etc. Keep creating beautiful lady and don't let anyone slow you down!

  7. Congrats on being selected for the Stamper's Sampler editor's of my favorite magazines! Your project is the butterfly! :)

  8. Congratulations on being the Editor's Choice! Thanks for sharing this wonderful tool. When I look at my pages, I can certainly tell I need one too.

  9. SO HAPPY for you. My Journal Buddy is used all the time and have gotten so much more done since getting it. Since I make my own journaling lines it has saved me hours! I know others will appreciate it as I have with an even larger "audience" to see it work. A great idea that has gotten it's walking legs pumped for a marathon.

  10. This looks like an amazing tool! I struggle with journalling so I often just slap a sticker on or chippie. Thiw would let me make the page my own! Awesome!!

  11. Oh wow so cool, thanks for sharing! This is a must have in my creative

  12. This is very exciting! What a neat tool! Beautiful journal page...can't wait to see what the other gals created!

  13. awesomesauce to you my friend!!! love love love your page !