Friday, November 4, 2016

Tovers with Lynne Forsythe

Recently, I attended a scrappy weekend, 
more as a teacher than a participant!
I had spent the entire week leading up to the event,
finalizing class instructions, kitting and creating videos.
But when it came time to pack my stuff
for my free time.....I had minutes!
So, I grabbed my favorite bag and began
putting random items in the bag.....

When I finally had free time....
I pulled out my bag to see what I had brought with me.
There it was.....a pile of 'TOVERS
a lot of pieces parts of paper, texture and textiles.
I grabbed my Art Journal and a jar of Multi Medium
and let the adhering begin!

....and that was as far as I got!
I packed up my canvas bag and headed home.

When the opportunity arose, I pulled out my journal
and pondered my next step.
I wanted to bring a cohesiveness to my page
so I had a WHAT IF? moment and decided
to create a 50/50 mixture of
Perfect Glaze Medium and White Gesso.
Can I just say......I LOVED THE RESULT.
The feeling of gesso with the transparency and attributes of glaze!

I have been thinkin' about my supply of Gelatos for some time
and thought this would be the
PERFECT time to pull them out!

I then pulled out various Polishing Plaster and Stencils to add more texture.

I felt my pages needed a bit of toning down so I pulled out
more Gesso and a palette knife and proceeded to smear gesso around.
I spritzed with a bit of water to get
the gesso to flow into the crevices!

Here is my end product....

WHAT better way to finish of a journal page then with a
some SMASHING verbage!!

Yvonne Blair Designs/Impression Obsession stamp!

I chose to stamp randomly on my journal pages and
then onto the backside of a piece of Flute! 

Things I learned:the 50/50 mixture of Gesso and Glaze was AWESOME.
It had a "feel" to it while allowing the
gesso to be transparent!
I think it also helped with the movement
of the Gelatos!

Wetting freshly applied Big Brush colors
creates a GORGEOUS watercolor~esque look!

....until next time's a GREAT thought Diverter!

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  1. this is a great page - love your use of Tovers - I have so many I would have no idea where to go with them. Love the idea of mixing with a glaze. thanks for sharing
    Barb Housner