Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Dragonfly ICADS by Tonya Gibbs

How fun are these??? I understand so well about getting that creativity flowing..
what a fun cool way to get the mojo flowing! 
Thanks Tonya! 

Hi everyone, I know sometimes it is hard to get those creative juices flowing.  Well today I have a fun post that hopefully will inspire you to get motivated. 

  I will feature these amazing stamps from Yvonne Blair and Impression Obsession Stamps.








My thoughts were to tame the pile of scraps on my desk of Mono Prints, Book Texts, and scraps from left over projects. Many of the supplies used were left over from this past year's projects. It feels great to purge, and make something fabulous in the process.

I decided to create ICADS (Index Cards A Day) ... I know you are supposed to do 1 a day. But I decided to do as many as I could in a day. LOL!

Card sizes are 3 x 5 inches  (they don't have to be index cards, just cut to that size).

To help move things along, I placed myself on a time limit so that I didn't over think the assignment. I only had 2 hours!   Bonus  I only used 1 hour.  Since the theme, and overall look of each card was similar the assembly moved quickly.

Next  I could only use things from the scrap pile.

I developed a prompt list to help me stay focused.

1. Use Scraps (any size any Shape)
2. Use Mono Prints
3. Use Book Text
4. Use Gesso
5. Use Tissue/Washi Tape
6. Use Something Gold
7. Organic texture
8. Vellum
9. Stamping
10. Embossing Powder
11. Doodling
12. Stabillo Pencil

So I got to thinking about these beautiful cards, and what I was going to do with them all.  I think I may turn them each into cards.  They will fit nicely on the front of standard card panel. 

Here is the Video of me creating the Index Cards

Thanks for stopping in today, I hope I have inspired you to use up some of those scraps.


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