Thursday, August 31, 2017

Workin' with 'TOVER'S again!

I love it when Lynne works with her "tovers"!!! 
We all have them laying around on our desk...
why not go and create something!!! 
Thanks Lynne! 

I LOVE working with 'TOVERS.
Seems I ALWAYS have a lot of them.
I had been working on a project, creating some "paper"
and ended with this 'TOVER paper.
So, I thought a tag would be just PERFECT!

I diecut the paper and
randomly stenciled on the tag with paint.

new stamps to finish off my tag.

...and all kinds of 'TOVERS!
lots of textiles
and other pieces parts!

Other Products Used

Tattered Angels
Glimmer Glam 
Bon Bon
Lime Cordial
Blue Topaz

High Impact Paint

Glimmer Mist

Canvas Corp
Printed Cardboard

UmWowStudioLeafy Branch

1 comment:

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