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Journal Buddy Tool
If you would like to purchase my new tool email me at yblair1@gmail.com
or send payment of $8.00 + $2.00 Shipping (within the continental United States) 
to same email using Paypal. 
Thank you so much....Hope you enjoy! 
Want an easy way to add artful journaling to your papercratfting projects and art journals?
Well, Here is the answer! 
Method of Payment is via Paypal to yblair1@gmail.com. 
You can also email me at yblair1@gmail.com for other payment info. 
Thank you! 

 The Journal Buddy is made with heavy duty, high quality stencil material. 
It is pliable as well as see through. 
It includes a wavy edge, a rulered edge, journal guides spaced 1/2" apart as well as straight edge guides on the sides to keep you journaling lines going straight across your page or project. 
 You can ink, paint, trace, or spray your lines through the journal line guide. 
 You can create interesting wavy lines to add a decorative flair to your journaling. 
And much more!